Foodie Frenzy FermenTour Antique/Gallery

General Tour Information

We offer a number of tours, some regularly scheduled, some available upon request. In addition, we will work with you, or your coordinator, in order to provide custom tours to your taste. Believe it or not! not everyone wants to make the pilgrimage to Ben & Jerry's (whose factory tour happens to be Vermont's most attended attraction).

All Tours are available by Advance Reservation Only

Reservation Deadline: 11am Yesterday

Departing: Stowe Town Hall Bus Stop at 12:15pm
... next door to the Stowe Area Visitors Center.

Return to Stowe Village: 4:30/4:45 pm
... minimally allowing for 3 pleasant hours of nibbling, imbibing and/or simply savoring.

Cozy Custom Tours:
... of up to 14, should be scheduled well in advance. Custom Tours may be organized to begin earlier in the day, and, originate from your groups lodging-we will happily advise.
Day Trips of your design can be organized, e.g., to: innumerable Burlington area attractions, museums, historical sites, dog sledding or to ski neighboring mountains.

(: adult beverage sampling &/or souvenirs, not included:)

Foodie Frenzy Tour

12:15 pm Wednesday - other dates, scheduled by request

The core of this tour includes a fabled ice cream maker, cheese, delicious G-Rated cider, chocolate, pewter, glass blowing, coffee, Vermont specialty foods for a minimum of 10 unique attractions. As time allows, there are other fascinating stops that may be explored. So! if there is something you are particularly jazzed to see, please tell your host from the outset.

$49 Adult; Children, 12 & under, $24
$196 or 4 Adult minimum
factory tour fees included

The Fermentation Jaunt

Thursday 12:15 pm - other dates, arranged by request

Includes breweries, a cidery and distillery. Most stops include a viewing room and a staff talk about the processes. Do eat an ample brunch, containing plenty of mashed potatoes as most estabishments offer a selection of samples for a modest fee, which you may purchase as suits your tastes.

$49 Adult
$196 or 4 Adult minimum
Identification Necessary for Tasting.

Antique &/or Art Excursion

12:15 pm Saturday - other dates, organized by request

Stowe and the surrounding area have a variety of galleries and antique emporiums. So! if there is something you are particularly jazzed to see, please tell your host from the outset.

$49 Adult
$196 or 4 Adult minimum